Skip Bin Sizes

It can be hard to figure out the correct size for your purposes.  Below is a guide, but if you are still unsure we can help you.
It is important to always get a bin slightly larger than you think you need as the bin cannot be filled above the rim.
If your refuse sticks out above the rims then our tarps cannot cover it and items could fall out in transit, causing a serious hazard to other road users.



To help you here is a guide:


4 standard Wheelie Bins


1 Standard 6 x 4 Trailer load


1 Cubic Metre



8 Wheelie bins or
2 6x4 Trailer loads
= 2 Cubic metre skip bin


12 wheelie bins or
3 6x4 trailer loads
= 3 cubic metre skip bin

16 wheelie bins or
4 6x4 trailer loads
= 4 cubic metre skip bin


20 wheelie bins or
5 6x4 trailer loads
= 5 Cubic Metre skip bin


24 wheelie bins or
6 6x4 trailer loads
= 6 cubic metre skip bin


36 wheelie bins or
9 6x4 trailer loads
= 9 cubic metre skip bin